As a small to medium business you may not think anyone would try to hack into your system but the truth is, small to medium business is being targeted as appropriate security measures may not be in place. It may be a cost consideration or simply a lack of knowledge but you need to seriously think about the security you have in place.

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While VoIP is a more efficient way to communicate and more cost effective, it is after all using the same network as your email and other internet devices.  No doubt you have experienced spam and cyber-attacks in these areas.

Recognising the threats directed at VoIP installations means you can then look at ways of reducing the risk or, even better, eliminating them.

A very common threat is eavesdropping, not someone in the next cubicle at work, but someone who could be on the other side of the world.  When using VoIP the voice is converted to data and transmitted, with eavesdropping, the packets of data are intercepted, converted to a WAV file i.e. back to sound, and then listened to.  So all conversations could be vulnerable.

Hackers have been around a long time, always looking for new avenues to gain access to systems and VoIP is not immune to them.  If your system is hacked the perpetrators could be helping themselves to free phone calls, at your expense or they can intercept your phone calls and redirect them for some other purpose.  If redirected you have no control over what is happening and this could be detrimental to your business.  It is also possible the increased traffic would slow your whole system down.

If you have other systems such as billing and customer information integrated with VoIP, this could then be at the mercy of hackers.

Just as you have various security measure in place for your property – sensor lights, alarm system, guard dog, security firm, you need to have layers of security in place for VoIP and all other internet based systems.

First and most known form of defence is a firewall, hopefully that is already in place but it should be assessed as VoIP ready and be strategically placed to thwart internet telephony attacks.

Along with the VoIP ready firewall ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus, anti-malware software and set it up for automatic, regular updates.

Encryption is an absolute must, usually VoIP software has this built-in but you need to make sure and if it doesn’t, either change software or add software to provide encryption.

Purchase VoIP phones, these are designed to avoid threats and they have better voice quality.
To make all of this easier, choose a reliable provider with a good track record and have VoIP hosted.  My Business Voice takes the time to assess your requirements, understand your business and provide you with the best solution.

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