Have you ever thought it would be great to add a call centre to your business offering but thought it was financially out of reach?
With VoIP and cloud computing you can think again.

Even if you are a small business and you provide product support or your sales and marketing would benefit from a call centre approach, the fact you don’t have to install costly infrastructure and your calls are actually data streams, the cost factor is dramatically reduced.

IP telephony can also be integrated into existing phone lines without the need for replacement of or additional hardware.

With VoIP for your Call Centre   there are no long distance calls because calls go directly via the internet.  A big difference to the traditional PSTN provider who has varying rates for STD and ISDN calls.

You may think you need extra floor space to set up a call centre but with VoIP, your call centre operators could even be working from home in their favourite track pants and ugg boots, just make sure they are not on video calls.  So you will have a “virtual” call centre which again is a cost effective bonus.

Being able to have virtual operators in your virtual call centre allows you to have operators in geographical locations to create a 24/7 operation or as it is known “following the sun”.

Particularly important when you need to provide product support.

The scalability of a VoIP solution means it is easy to tailor the solution depending on your circumstances, if you need to increase operators it is a much simpler process with VoIP, than with a traditional in-house PBX.  Conversely if you need to reduce the number of operators you are not left with redundant equipment and infrastructure.  In general a hosted solution is also on a monthly subscription basis, so you are not tied to a long term, high cost contract.

The functionality available will depend on the provider you select but in general even the standard telephony features of a VoIP system are superior to that of a basic PSTN phone setup.

The additional features make a call centre operator’s role easier, as many tasks can be automated and a more streamlined service will result in increased customer satisfaction.  We have all been victims of long call queues, calls dropping out and not getting through to the right section.  Eliminate these frustrations.

Reduced costs, increased productivity, even without additional benefits these are solid reasons for implementing a call centre with VoIP and a hosted service and improving your bottom line.

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