How to Keep your Existing Telephone Number when Moving to the NBN

If you are thinking about moving to the NBN but want to keep your telephone number, you are in luck! Click here to learn how you can keep your existing number.

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What’s there to know about Australia’s national broadband network (NBN)? Well, its aim is to deliver wholesale service to 98% of premises in Australia by 2021.

If you haven’t switched over yet, but you’re interested, then one of the main questions you probably have is about how to keep your existing telephone number.

That’s a valid question, and that’s what we here at My Business Voice work to do. We have the ability to keep your main advertised numbers when switching to the NBN.

However, you’ll need to fill out a request and complete a few more steps. Here’s how to keep your phone number when moving to the new NBN.

What to Know About Switching to the NBN

Once NBN Co announces that your area is NBN-ready, you have up to 18 months to make the switch. This means that you’ll have to move your phone and internet services.

If you don’t, then they will disconnect your existing landline and your internet services.

This is especially important to consider for businesses that need to keep their existing numbers because they have clients who contact them. If you don’t switch, it could cause a huge infrastructure problem that could affect business and revenue.

This switch and the introduction of NBN has become one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects in the history of the country.

However, it does provide users with a lot of choices when it comes to telephone and internet services.

When you’re choosing a new NBN service provider, they have to provide you with information such as:

  • Connection Speed
  • Potential Issues
  • Technology
  • How to Exit Your Contract
  • Price

This is pretty standard in the telecommunications industry regardless, but it can sometimes be difficult to make sense of exactly what you’re getting.

This is why we suggest working with a qualified company who will help you make the switch.

How to Keep Your Existing Telephone Number

Number portability refers to the ability to keep your phone number when changing from one company to another. This is a popular request for Australians all over the country who are switching to the national broadband network.

“Porting,” as it’s called, allows you to port a number with a local service, mobile service, freephone, and local rate services.

If you choose to go with My Business Voice, then the first step to take in order to keep your phone number is to fill out a porting request form.

This is request form allows us to request the port on your behalf from your current phone company. We apply for and arrange the port while keeping you updated throughout the process.

Some common questions we receive about this service include:

Q: How long do I have to switch over to the NBN?

A: Once NBN makes the announcement that your area is NBN-ready, you have 18 months. After that, you risk having your service disconnected.

Q: Can I keep my existing number when switching to the NBN?

A: Yes! It’s easy if you go through the porting process with My Business Voice.

Q: Should I disconnect my service with my current phone company?

A: No! During this process, we advise that you don’t disconnect your current service. We aren’t able to port a number if it is disconnected.

Q: How long does it take to complete a porting request?

A: Once the process has begun, it depends if you need to raise a category “A” or category “C” port. We can complete most cat A ports within three days unlike cat “c” ports which can take 25 business days, My Business Voice can advise on which port is right for you.

Q: What do I do if someone ports my number without my permission?

A: Contact your current phone company and request a port reversal or contact the Telecommunications industry Ombudsman.

If you have more questions, then it’s best to contact us or take a look at our other articles regarding the national broadband network and making the switch.

What Are the Benefits of Hosting Your Old Telephone Number?

Once we have ported your number, you’re free to enjoy the benefits of My Business Voice hosting, which include the ability to:

  • Move anywhere in the country and take your NBN phone number with you and enjoy complete flexibility
  • Enjoy the security of a plan or the flexibility of a no-locked-in contract
  • Receive faxes by email after we set up a fax-to-email service
  • Rest assured that all outbound calls made from your number will display the correct advertised telephone number
  • Change individual extensions to display your personal number
  • Enjoy multiple points of communications in separate data centres across Australia with complete redundancy
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your phones will always have connectivity.

Depending on the service and technology that you request, it’s likely that you’ll also be able to enjoy more stable voice connection.

This depends on the area in which you live and the kind of hosting and technology that you choose when working with My Business Voice.

One of the most common questions we receive in regards to the benefits of hosting your old telephone number include:

Q: What about mobile number portability? Can I keep my old mobile phone number?

A: Yes! Mobile number porting is possible when switching to the NBN.

Q: How will I know if I can keep my phone number?

A: The Consumer Information Standard requires phone companies to advise you if you can keep your telephone number.

Getting Started on the NBN with My Business Voice

Here at My Business Voice, we understand how to help businesses and individuals make the transition to the NBN without hassle.

If you want to make the switch but aren’t sure how to keep your existing telephone number then we can help.

Contact us to get started and we’ll provide you with a detailed plan that ensures you know exactly what is going on and how long it will take!

In the instance that you’re porting numbers for a business and want to upgrade to a new VoIP service in the process, we’ll conduct a detailed onsite training for all of your staff.