5 Reasons NOT to change an ISDN Phone to a Business NBN Phone System

If you own a business in the Sydney area, you may already have NBN lines connected.  There are reports that some businesses are holding off transferring their phone lines to a business NBN phone system. Below we have listed the most commonly reported reasons.

  1. The NBN internet speeds are slower than they thought it would be
  2. There are dropouts on their NBN internet and they don’t want to risk the phones doing the same!
  3. They have seen some media attention around businesses having problems with NBN
  4. Telstra has told them to sign up for an expensive 24-month plan in order to get a technician to transfer to NBN for their phones
  5. They think there is plenty of time to stay on their current phone system – so are not rushing to switch over to a business NBN phone system

Are the NBN complaints valid?

Whilst some of these complaints are valid, many of the severe disruptions to NBN services are isolated cases. The media attention around these cases has caused some negative backlash toward service providers, in actual- fact, the service providers can do little to fix the severe disruptions. Disruptions of this nature are mostly attributed to NBN Australia experiencing technical issues with the lines. Which means the service providers need to contact NBN Australia to fix these sorts of problems. However but despite these minor problems, the NBN upgrade will progress.

Does moving over to NBN mean I need a new phone system?

Very few businesses have experienced transition hiccups. Most businesses have moved to a business NBN Phone System without a glitch. Whilst some businesses take the opportunity to upgrade their phone system to a brand new NBN Phone. It is not necessary to purchase a new phone system to be on NBN. For those who don’t want to purchase an entirely new phone system, they can keep their current one and be converted over to the NBN. The clever new technology that does this is called the NBN Sync.

How long do I have until ISDN and PSTN are cut off?

According to NBN Australia – when NBN is rolled out in your suburb, the old network will still work for a period of time, but there is a switch off date. Some areas have already been cut off, but if you have not been cut off, it won’t be long before you are. This means you will have no choice but to migrate your business phone lines over to NBN – regardless of what you think about the standard of NBN.

Do I have to sign up with Telstra to move over to a business NBN Phone System?

You will be pleased to know there are many alternative service providers to Telstra. While mainstream providers do offer services for business, we recommend choosing a provider that specialises solely in businesses telecommunications. An experienced business telecommunications provider has skilled technicians that concentrate on the needs of businesses. A businesses needs are very different to home and personal phone needs.  For Small/Medium Business in NSW, My Business Voice provides expert business telecommunication services.  With years of experience working with business phones, they will effectively transition your phone lines to NBN. Click here for the latest NBN VoIP plans.

How can My Business Voice assist me with moving to an NBN Phone?

My Business Voice are experts in transitioning telecommunications and provide services that make the move easier;

  1. Keep all existing advertised telephone numbers when switching to the NBN
  2. Solutions for Wireless connections and patching over to the NBN
  3. Converters for your existing phone system – so you don’t need to spend money on upgrading an entirely new phone system
  4. Cheaper phone calls on the new business NBN Phone lines
  5. If you do need a new phone system – My Business Voice can supply the phone handsets and a system that can be customised to suit your needs
  6. Some businesses qualify to receive free NBN phone handsets when they transition over.
  7. Eftpos terminals


If you would like to know more about the steps to switching your phones to NBN, download the 7 Steps to transitioning to NBN Guide and Checklist here.

Concerns over moving your business phones over to NBN

We have discussed the common objections raised when businesses are moving their phones over to NBN. While it is understandable to feel concerned after seeing media reports about a business experiencing drop outs or a bad connection after switching over, these incidences are rare and 99.9 % of businesses don’t need to worry.

However, businesses do need to worry about choosing a service provider now and instigating the changeover process. This should be done before ISDN and PSTN cease to function in your area.

Worrying about media reports of the those who have experienced difficulty with their NBN transition, is minor compared to the detrimental effects that will occur if you don’t have a phone connection at all. So, don’t wait until it’s too late, choose a business NBN phone system provider and act now while you still have time.

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