Hosted PBX Advantages: Lower Costs and Improve Business Features

There can be several benefits of hosted PBX for your business. Click here to learn all about the different hosted PBX advantages.

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We’re living in a time when 65% of customers still prefer to contact a business by phone.

Thus, not giving your business’ phone system the attention it deserves would be a mistake.

And while there is a variety of phone systems out there, nothing can give a small business the phone edge it deserves more than a hosted PBX system.

If you are wondering what exactly a PBX phone system is, and what are the hosted PBX advantages it can offer your organisation, keep on reading.

What Is a PBX System?

It stands for Private Branch Exchange.

In the simplest of terms, a PBX system is a private telephone network used within a company or a closed-circuit organisation.

The system allows its users to communicate in two ways. Internally, within their organisation or externally with the outside world.

These communication methods encompass different channels like ISDC, analog, or Voice over IP (VoIP).

A PBX phone system is available in two different formats.

We have hosted or virtual solutions and in-house solutions that are set to be used on your own hardware.

What Are the Hosted PBX Advantages?

A hosted PBX phone system has all the advantages of cloud computing.

It provides flexibility and affordability on much higher scales than your traditional premise-based systems.

However, switching to a hosted PBX entails more prep to function smoothly.

In addition, it also needs the patience to absorb and handle the shift in your business communications methods.

But the advantages are well worth the effort.

Advantage #1: Budget-Friendly

IT departments don’t appreciate unpredictable hardware going on the fritz. Or, expensive-yet-essential major software upgrades.

These issues are rather common for any on-premises PBX systems.

Your servers can suddenly stop working. Or, they need to be replaced as the replacement cycles keep getting shorter and the software capabilities are advancing exponentially.

Having a hosted PBX system in place will save your business huge future costs in time and money.

Advantage #2: Ease of Upgrades

Not only to keep up with industry standards but also with your competitors: frequent upgrades and replacement of antiquated hardware is a must.

A great benefit of hosted PBX systems is that your virtual hardware is never out of date. And, you’ll never have to go through the trouble of physically replacing it.

As for software updates, they are available with most cloud communications systems. And, new applications are integrated seamlessly to expand your systems’ capabilities.

Moreover, you get to skip the whole latent capacity ordeal, as the process is filtered down to the simplicity of adding a user license.

Advantage #3: BYOD Support

In this day and age, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an essential part of any small business’ daily operations.

The problems start to show when on-premises phone systems can’t keep up with the speed of hardware innovation. Specifically, with new standards for mobile devices popping up on shorter-and-shorter notice.

Having a hosted PBX system will protect you from putting your IT department in an unenviable position. By trying to match the market’s upgrades in both the hardware and software aspects, you’re asking the impossible.

A smart cloud communications provider, which specialises in small business phone systems, will not only be aware of all the incoming upgrades in the market but also can easily push the updates automatically to their clients.

Advantage #4: Integration in Multiple Locations

As with any business in our modern age, managing communications from multiple locations is the key to business success.

However, it is no small feat to create smooth communication channels, and a hosted PBX system can be of great service here.

With traditional on-premises phone systems, there is a higher risk of inefficient communications.

You’ll have disconnected systems of different ages and capabilities. In addition, a drop in productivity levels that might occur due to interoperability issues.

Thankfully, with a hosted PBX system you get a unified standard across the board, which encompass upgrades and maintenance.

In addition, you can ease your company’s way into a full hosted PBX system. Start by establishing the cloud-based system at a single location, then steadily adding other locations to the cloud.

It’ll result in a smooth transition into a full-on cloud-hosted PBX system.

Advantage #5: Less Staffing Required

Any on-premises phone system will need to be carefully cared for by your own employees.

However, as a small business, it is a burden that you don’t have to keep on carrying.

You can shed it by having a hosted phone system, which only requires maintaining regular payment to keep working efficiently.

The responsibility for maintaining your phone systems will now lie completely on your phone system service provider’s shoulders.

Advantage #6: Reliability and Security Guaranteed

As with any technology-based system, the smallest vulnerable point can take down the whole system.

Which is why some IT pros might feel more in control of their system with the hardware physically present on their premises.

However, this point of view fails to take into consideration physical risks.

Sharing the space with your hardware makes it vulnerable to electrical outages, and other on-the-ground risks.

In the case of huge corporations, these risks are dealt with differently. They establish fault-tolerant site infrastructure, cooling equipment for their servers, and in some cases separate emergency generators.

A small business can’t afford to have all these contingencies in place.

With a hosted PBX system, the essential security and reliability of your system are built-in.

It is secured by existing on the cloud, where no flood or electric outage can get to it.

Ready to Take Your Phone System to the Next Level?

Cloud computing gave us the gift of hosted PBX phone systems.

And now that you know all about what PBX phone systems entail, as well as all the cloud hosted PBX advantages, we hope you can appreciate them as much as we do.

But, if you feel like a hosted PBX system wouldn’t be a great fit for your company, then make sure you check out other great phone systems like the NBN phone system.

Want to learn more about the hosted PBX phone system? We’d love to tell you more here!