Is a New NBN Phone System Necessary? Top Reasons Why It’s Okay to Keep Using Your Current System

Is a New NBN Phone System Necessary?

Do you need a new NBN phone system? Or can you keep using the one you already have? Check out the top reasons why it’s okay to keep using your current system.

While the NBN is compulsory, 6 million Australians don’t realize that the change is going to happen whether they do anything or not. There’s much to be made about the equipment needs or cost of the change, but it turns out that you could keep your old system. If you’re using VoIP services like what My Business Voice provides, you can keep your current system without any major hiccups.

Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before leaping to an NBN phone system.

It’s Slow

If you’re on an ISP, you’ve probably had a conversation about data speed. Every region has different speeds available and there’s usually different pricing for each speed.

With HFC, there’s no slowdown based on where the node is. NBN claims that you can hit speeds as high as 100 Mbps, but most people are using 25 Mbps. ISPs sell plans based on the download limits that you need and ensure a real boost when you pay more.

The default plan for NBN is 25 Mbps. More than half of the fixed connections on NBN are at this rate and about a third are at 12 Mbps. This isn’t all that fast, meaning that families all connected at the same time trying to stream or download data are going to hit snags.

The overall average internet speed in Australia is just over 10 Mbps. That’s low by any standards in the industrialized world. Average speeds in the USA are nearly 100 Mbps and the worldwide average is nearly 50 Mbps.

When you’re trying to provide internet service and phone service at the same time, you’re probably better off keeping your current system.

It Offers Fewer Router Choices

Most ISPs offer a wide range of router choices. In most cases, whatever router you choose to use with your service should work. Most smartphones, laptops, and desktops require 802.11ac connections. Fixed cable connections ensure dependable service, especially necessary for businesses who run phones via VoIP.

While having the latest technology is usually better than sticking with old tech, spending money to upgrade to NBN for your phone system isn’t worth the change. You’d have to change out all your router technology.

One of the great advantages of the standard phone system is that if the power goes out, you can still use your landline. On NBN, phones switch over to VoIP, having them subject to relying on powered routers. If you’ve made the switch to VoIP already, there’s no real advantage here in switching to NBN.

What the NBN would suggest is that you switch your whole system over to NBN and keep your old router for the phone connection. That means twice the gear, with the router connected to your phone providing no WiFi connection. If that seems like a waste, that’s because it is.

Working with My Business Voice means you can keep your old equipment, even on the NBN.

It Takes Time to Make the Switch

While some people claim that the switch is fast, it can take up to two weeks. Not only will it take several days to get a new router but then you’ll have to wait for an NBN connection. If you’re not trying to spend time in your office outside of business hours, this could make it hard to do business.

Your phones could be down during business hours just to swap out and set up new equipment. However, this it’s necessary when you’re working with My Business Voice. You can save time and stay productive.

You might end up dealing with confusing emails NBN technicians explaining why you need to make the switch but it’s not all that necessary. Often NBN technicians will make you wait only to plug in and switch on equipment that you could handle on your own. All this time is time you could devote to more productive things.

If there are any snags, that means a snag in your productivity. And none of this new equipment is free. You’ll have to cover the costs of that new equipment on your own, paying unnecessary fees for things you don’t need.

It’s Not Perfected Yet

While the NBN system is getting a lot of hype, it’s not fully perfected yet. Additionally, you don’t need to learn how to use new equipment. The cost in time and payroll for teaching your employees to learn a new system probably isn’t worth it.

If your system has been working fine, you’re better off keeping the system as is. While the NBN system touts speed improvements, the overall quality difference isn’t that noticeable. For most work environments or home offices, there’s no good reason to risk switching out your system.

While speeds are supposed to be stellar, much of that is because not everyone has made the switch yet. Once everyone is on the system and trying to connect, the system is going to reveal more cracks. Meanwhile, you need to keep your business running and let technicians work out the kinks.

An NBN Phone System isn’t Necessary

While the change to the NBN phone system is compulsory, a change in equipment isn’t. When the NBN sync rolls out in your area, that doesn’t mean you have to throw out your old system and spend potentially thousands on a new one. You could keep your old system if you’re using My Business Voice.

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